What is Energy Cabin?

Energy Cabins are self contained heating systems that combine solar energy with wood pellet technology for total central heating for any building. They are easily connected to any existing heating system (eg radiators, under floor heating etc.) can completely replace traditional boilers. Each cabin is fitted with a solar thermal system which can provide you with free hot water for six months of the year. Inside an automated pellet boiler and heat store are fitted which provide central heating all year round and hot water in winter.

Our Energy Cabins are developed to be a product that can be quickly and easily installed in virtually any property, from a two bedroom house all the way up to large commercial properties such as schools and hospitals.

The Energy Cabin is a one stop biomass heating solution that is delivered in one go, simply arriving on the back of a lorry and can then be set into place within a day.

The Energy Cabin has a number of advantages, one being it is a piece of machinery that is already electrically commissioned, resulting in there not having to be lots of trades on site and crucially is a solution that can be budgeted very easily.

Simply connect the mains water, the flow and return heating pipe, add water to the system and your boiler room is away.

It really is that simple.

The cabins come in different sizes to suit your needs and requirements and can even be clad in an insulated composite material, as well as offering a range of colours to suit your taste and location and run on logs, wood chips or wood pellets.