EC XS – 10 to 30 kW


The EC XS combines solar energy with wood pellet boiler technology for total central
heating to suit single houses. It is fully factory prepared and delivered ready to plug and play.

The EC XS is the smallest of the EnergyCabin units. The EnergyCabin will provide heat and hot
water all year round, using the minimum amount of fuel possible. It can be connected to any existing heating system and completely replaces traditional boilers and electric water heating.

The EC XS consists of a boiler room, hot water tank, pellet storage for 1.6 tonnes of pellets and the
architect designed exterior is covered in solar panels.

EC xs energy cabin

EC XS Energy Cabin

EC XS Overview:

  • Larch Facade
  • 3.2m long x 2.4m wide x 2.6 m high
  • 7m² Solar Panels
  • 1.6 tonne Bulk Pellet Store
  • KWB USP 10/ 15/ 20kW Wood Pellet Boiler
  • 500 litre Hot Water Storage Tank


  • Up to 50% cheaper than traditional heating methods
  • Operates at 92% efficiency ALL year round
  • Environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral renewable energy
  • Uses readily available solar energy and smoke free, low ash, wood fuel
  • Low maintenance from the world’s leading highest quality wood boiler and
    solar panel manufacturers.

The cabin has a 2 year warranty, 15 year parts guarantee and is the highest quality available in
Europe. No manual work is required other than emptying the ash pan every 2 months
in the winter.